Grahall is located just 16 minutes from Okemo Mountain Resort, 30 minutes from Claremont, NH and just 45 minutes from Woodstock, VT.  An overview of what's nearby is below. 


The Town of Cavendish was chartered in 1761.  It has always been a generally quiet rural community with beautiful forested hills and valleys, mountain views and productive river valleys.  The picturesque Black River Valley runs west to east through the town, complete with two distinct villages, a trophy trout stream section, a hydro plant and two intersecting Vermont state highway arteries.  With housing ranging from magnificent old country estates to great contemporary mansions, from classic village homes to crisp and clean affordable housing, there is a wide assortment of residential opportunities.  The two villages sprang from the early success and growth of Vermont's woolen industry yet they adapted gracefully and flourished in their own right after the decline of that industry with a little help of some Town revitalization efforts.  Cavendish's largest industrial resident is a branch of the Mack Molding company which specializes in custom plastics molding.  Mack took one of the former mill complexes in town and has developed it into a fine modern plant while keeping the exterior of the plant well maintained and preserving the classic mill complex character.

Okemo Mountain Resort

Known for some of the best snowmaking in New England, Okemo Mountain has a total of 121 trails spread across 667 acres of skiable terrain.  Trail difficulty is almost evenly divided between novice, intermediate, and advanced/expert.  A paved road, named Mountain Road, runs along the mountainside is used as a ski trail in the winter.  Mountain Road can be driven during the summer and has parking spots for scenic viewing of the valley.  The quality of the grooming has been ranked sixth in the nation by SKI Magazine readers.

Hawks Mountain 

GRAHALL abuts Hawks Mountain Wildlife Management Area, a beautiful and rugged tract of land that is 2,183 acres in size. The Black River flows along part of the western boundary and a portion of the northern boundary. Cavendish Gulf Road parallels a portion of the southwest boundary. The terrain on the WMA is very steep and rugged, ranging in elevation from approximately 700 feet along the Black River to 1,940 feet on the slopes of Hawks Mountain. Ledge outcrops are common throughout the property and are home to porcupines and bobcats. The WMA is completely forested with red and sugar maple, yellow birch and beech. Patches of red spruce and red oak are scattered throughout. 


Woodstock, Vermont is the quintessential New England historic town.  It sits in a valley surrounded by low-lying hills that nestle rather than overwhelm, and is a community snuggled around the Ottauquechee River.  Woodstock is home to many excellent shops and restaurants, the Woodstock Inn & Resort, a great Middle and High School, and never fails to serve as an incredible place to go for a walk or meet someone for Coffee. 

Those who choose to reside near Woodstock continue to be some of the most educated in the world, some of the most accomplished “captains of industry” in the country.  It seems everyone has an interesting back-story. You’ll find filmmakers, war correspondents, writers, artists, military experts, doctors, high-tech entrepreneurs, rock stars, equestrians and happy soccer moms and dads all grabbing a coffee in town. Woodstock also attracts its fair share of Dutch, English and French, many of whom are reminded of home by the gentle hills, winding dirt roads, cows, sheep and horses in pastures next to beautiful weathered barns. Even if it’s not the old country, it has the feel of a place with deep roots.

The Woodstock Inn & Resort features several fabulous restaurants, a full-length pool, golf course, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and a comprehensive gym.